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<strong>Jules Verne</strong> and his literary world is <strong>our inspiration</strong> to bring in the classrooms the interest for the <strong>Science</strong>, <strong>Technology</strong>, and <strong>exploration of the world</strong> around us.

Jules Verne program

This project revolves around the figure of Jules Verne and Captain Nemo’s arrival to the Ría de Vigo aboard the Nautilus, looking for the treasures sunk in the Battle of Rande. Through this project we aim to rebuild from both coasts (Nantes, the city where Verne was born and lived) and Vigo city (which delighted welcomed the visionary writer) and from different perspectives and disciplines, the common world which joins us thanks to the author. The literary, historical, scientific and technological world and get the spirit of this time of innovation and scientific progress which anticipate the future.

Moreover, in 2018 the 150th anniversary of the Nautilus arrival to the Ría de Vigo will be celebrated.

Rewards for our project

June 26th we had obtained the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 (EYCH) label, particularly…

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The 2nd transnational meeting has taken place in Orvault-Nantes

Clara and Somoza came to close the project which started in September. Summarizing the activities…

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From Vigo… to the Jules Verne museum!

Good news do not stop coming to Losada School! Once again, the reason is linked…

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