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From Vigo… to the Jules Verne museum!

Good news do not stop coming to Losada School!

Once again, the reason is linked to the Jules Verne project, in which our students from 3rd and 4th of ESO are participating with the Lycée Nicolas Appert students from Nantes.

The reviews and positive critics come this time from the Jules Verne Museum in Nantes, which has included in its website links to the project we are carrying out.

This museum is devoted to the life and work of the writer, and in it can be found books, illustrations, documents and manuscripts and even games and videos: a real tour through the vernian writing.

Specifically, in the site is reflected the story of the Jules Verne visits to Vigo, and how he wanted to leave proof of it in the chapter “Vigo Bay”, included in his novel 20.000 leagues under the sea.

As part of the tribute that Vigo wanted to dedicate to the famous writer, we find a monument built in his name in the city harbour.

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