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Expected products

  • Educational material about Jules Verne literary figure and his historical context, geographic, technological… in Spanish, French and English.
  • Educational material contribution in the Eduscol section from the Académie de Nantes -information and resources national website for Education professionals- and the Educational Resources website from Xunta de Galicia.
  • Videos made by the students about Verne’s world.
  • “Jules Verne” trivial creation in a digital format in different languages.
  • Photography rally in Nantes through the citiy emblematic places and about the author’s biography and development of an application for Android phones and tablets based in this first product.
  • Geocaching in Vigo city center based on Verne’s route and activities in his two visits to the city. Geocaching in San Simón island, located in the Ría de Vigo, about “20.000 leagues under the sea” novel and the captain Nemo capture of the Rande battle treasure.
  • Participation in the edition of an atlas made by the Jules Verne Hispanic Society which, from a geographic point of view, will put together and analyse Jules Verne work.
  • Talk in an international congress about Jules Verne in Vigo.
  • Digital activities and games using Twinspace applications and tools.
  • Brochures related to the geocaching and photographic rally activities integrated in the touristic and leisure city offers.
  • Expositions in the schools with banners, boards, artistic installations, J. Verne books engravings.

Training activities

This section refers to the student and teacher mobilities. They add value to achieving the project goals. Vigo students will visit Nantes and follow training activities in March, hosted by French families. French students will visit Vigo and follow training activities in May, hosted by Spanish families.

Planned mobilities

Semana de actividades en Nantes
18 - 24 de marzo de 2018

  • Rally-photos with the Jules Verne theme which will finish with the JV museum visit: there will be oral and/or written explanations during the tour, some quizzes and games.
  • Day at the high school to work together about JV collaborating with the participation of a journalist to create a press article or mini report.
  • Visit to the aeronautical company Airbus or the Jules Verne Technological Research Institute.
  • Visit to the Machines de l’Ile and the Jules Verne carrousel.
  • Ship through the Loire.
  • Visit to St Nazaire to visit a liner reproduction and a submarine and walk in La Baule, one of the most beautiful bays in France and spa town. Visit to Guérande walled town.
  • Visit to the Anne de Bretagne castle about Nantes’ history. Touristic train to follow with the Nantes visit, Lu Tower and/or Britain Tower to see Nantes from a bird’s eye view.

Semana de actividades en Vigo
13 - 20 de mayo 2018

  • Official reception in Vigo city council.
  • Visit to CPR Losada and participation in fellowship activities and project progress discussion.
  • Carrying out the geocaching activities designed by the students in strategic points of Vigo and its area related with the theme: city center, Cíes islands natural park, San Simón island. | What is Geocaching?
  • Boat trip by the Ría de Vigo about Nautilus, Rande battle, fishing industry, geography and marine diversity.
  • Meirande museum visit (Rande battle), Sea museum and Navigation House Museum (Baiona).
  • Talks from writers and researchers related to Verne: Eduardo Rolland, Ledicia Costas and representants from organizations related to the technological innovation in Vigo: Vigo University (nanosatellites) and the Research Scientific-Technological Support Center: Antártida Expedition – Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC).
  • Sport activities in Cíes islands and nautical: surf /kayak in Patos Beach.
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