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Expected products

  • Video of the Project: “Project Nautilus”.
  • Videos produced by students about the world of Jules Verne.
  • Creation of a digital Trivia “Jules Verne”.
  • Development of a free interactive app for Android phones and tablets: “Discover Jules Verne in Nantes” in three languages considering emblematic places in the city related to the author’s biography.
  • Creation of Geocaching Routes “Jules Verne” in Vigo based on the author’s relationship with the city. Creation of an “earthcache” on the Island of San Simón.
  • Atlas of the novel “Robur the conqueror”, as a contribution to the Atlas of Jules Verne’s work, initiative of the Hispanic Society Jules Verne.
  • Lecture at the “International Meeting: From Jules Verne to Vigo” (Vigo, February 2019).
  • Creation and broadcast of radio shows on French radio stations JET FM 91.2 and Radio Bleu Loire Océan.
  • Participation in short story contests at Les Utopiales in Nantes and radio contests.
  • Digital activities and games with Twinspace applications and tools.
  • Leaflets in Spanish and English about the geocaching activity available at the city’s tourism office.
  • Multiple schools exhibitions (panels, murals, artistic installations and engravings of J. Verne’s books).
  • A Documentary Web of the project.

Training activities

This section refers to the student and teacher mobilities. They add value to achieving the project goals. Vigo students will visit Nantes and follow training activities in March, hosted by French families. French students will visit Vigo and follow training activities in May, hosted by Spanish families.

Planned mobilities

Exchange week in Nantes

  • Visit of Lycée Nicolas Appert and team building activities.
  • Testing and evaluation by Spanish students of the developed App for Android mobile phones: Discover Jules Verne in Nantes.
  • Roundtables to share and discuss progress of common activities (audiovisual material).
  • Workshops in mixed groups to write the articles about our experience J. Verne for the school newspaper l’Appertinent.
  • Interviews and video recordings for the radio program on Jules Verne in Nantes and Vigo.
  • Tour around the world of J. Verne in Nantes: Castle of Nantes, Machines de l’Ile, Jules Verne’s Museum, packet boat and submarine in Saint Nazaire, Visit to Guérande.
  • Boat trip on the Loire river.
  • Visit to Airbus Factory in Saint Nazaire and to an innovative Engineering college in Nantes.
  • Official reception by the mayor at the City Hall of Orvault-Nantes.

Exchange week in Vigo

  • Welcoming snack with students and families at Losada school.
  • Talk of Luis Sampedro from Scientific Biological Mission of Galicia (CSIC). Expedition to Antarctica.
  • Visit to the School of Telecommunications Engineering of Vigo – University of Vigo.
  • City tour on the sightseeing bus.
  • Official reception by the mayor at the City Hall of Vigo.
  • Boat trip to the Cies Islands aboard the ship Nautilus.
  • Underwater and environmental interpretation in the Natural Park of the Cies Islands and hiking and nature activity.
  • Talk of Eduardo Rolland, journalist and expert writer on Jules Verne and Vigo.
  • Acrosport exhibition by French students.
  • Visit to the exhibition: “Jules Verne: The limits of the imagination”. Telefónica Foundation. Museum of Contemporary Art of Vigo.
  • Surf or kayak activity with the Federated Surf School “Prado surf escola”. Beach of Patos, Nigrán.
  • Guided tour of the Museum of the Sea
  • Jules Verne’s route on the ship Nautilus. Underwater and environmental interpretation in the Ría de Vigo.
  • Geocahing activity: the Vernian Route in Vigo, developed by Spanish students of 3rd and 4th ESO.
  • Boat trip along the Ría de Vigo to Meirande Museum (Battle of Rande Museum). Guided tour of the islands: San Simón and San Antón. Yincana and earthcache,
  • Farewell party organized by Spanish students.
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