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Recording our radio program in JET FM studios

Today is the big day!

We have being working on this program “How does Jules Verne still live in Nantes… and in Vigo?” from the beginning of the school year in Literature and Society, leaded by Julie Auzou and three of our teachers.

Now it is time to put everything together: commercials, interviews, jingles, debate, street interviews, music, readings…

We are a little bit nervous but finally everything goes well because each one knows their role and their text. We need to stop from time to time because the tension is high but we could record almost without repeating as we really know our subject!

Result: a 40-minute program that will be broadcasted on Wednesday April 18th at 10:00 and Sunday 22nd at 11:00 in Jet FM, 91.2.

We are looking forward listening us…

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