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Rémi Guérin talk, author of “An eccentric’s will”

Rémi Guérin is a scriptwriter guionista. He is the author of several manga comics from which we will only mention City Hall because one the main characters is just Jules Verne! It is quite surprising!

Lately he has also written a beautiful book which is a Jules Verne biography with many illustrations which do not leave us indifferent as we are from Nantes!

And a title that says a lot: “An eccentric’s will”!

Today he has come to the high school to introduce his work but more importantly to tell us about Jules Verne from his own point of view, modern, illustrating it with many anecdotes… to make our author live again.

Mme Marcetteau, head of the J. Verne Museum kindly came back to our high school to accompany Mr. Guérin.

The morning ended happily with an informal meal in the school Brasserie where Mrs. Fabien and Mrs. Rouzaire (director and vice-director) joined us.

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