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Verne Project achieves the European Cultural Heritage Label

The participation in the Verne Project and the contribution of Losada School to the achievement of the European Year of Cultural Heritage goals (protect, safeguard, reuse, highlight and value the forementioned heritage) granted the well-deserved recognition of the European Year of Cultural Heritage label for the Verne Project.

This label is given to Erasmus+ projects developed during 2018 related to the European cultural heritage, and grants some benefits to its owners, like its use in cultural acts, information, education or awareness campaigns, festivals, debates, polls, research activities, formation courses, etc.

The importance of the heritage:

Although sometimes underrated, heritage plays a fundamental role in Europe’s future, and its promotion helps encouraging the economic growth and the employment.

For this reason the European Year is celebrated, which objective is to show this value to young people and during which a series of initiatives will be launched in several countries across Europe related to cultural exchange, the promotion of values and the belonging feeling.

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