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Journey To The Plants Garden

Journey to the Plants Garden

With 7 hectares of green area in the city center, more than 10.000 living species, 800 square meters of  greenhouses and more than 50.000 flowers planted each season, the Plants Garden in Nantes created by Ecorchard in 1845 is certified as Jardin Remarcable. There can be found waterfalls, a plant mosaic, statues… and in particular: a Jules Verne statue installed after his dead in 1910. It shows two children reading “Voyages extraordinaires”, a waxing crescent moon, a balloon, a volcano and a caravel that represent the writer’s world.

Many essences brought from far countries by Nantais shipowners (from the time in which Nantes was an active harbour) were planted there, among them a notable tree: the Virginia tulip tree.

But, what is the connection with Jules Verne? He imagined several elephants in his novels… ad “The Machine” theater company created one. It is 12 meters high, has a metal skeleton and hydraulic mechanical articulations… and it is covered by a Virginia tulip tree skin.

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